About PBRA

The PBRA Team

PBRA is comprised of five experienced professionals, each of whom has at least 15 years experience in the pharmaceutical and/or other healthcare industries. Clients receive the benefit of this experience level because they do not pay for the hand holding of entry level or intermediate analysts. All of PBRA's analysts possess experience on the manufacturing as well as the supplier side of the industry.

About Dr. Daniel Hoffman, Ph. D. Director, PBRA

Dr. Hoffman has worked in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries for over twenty years. His experience in business research includes formal marketing research (e.g., moderating focus groups, conducting individual depth interviews), competitive intelligence, strategic planning and business development.

On the manufacturing side of healthcare, Dr. Hoffman has conducted product research involving virtually every therapeutic category of pharmaceuticals. He also directed numerous consulting engagements for manufacturers in several diagnostic areas as well as hospital supplies and therapeutic devices. In recent years many of his assignments have involved the analysis of licensing opportunities and preliminary due diligence profiles of merger and acquisition candidates. Large proportions of these latter engagements have been based in the E.U. and other international markets.

Since 1990 a growing proportion of Dr. Hoffman's clients has consisted of companies on the provider and payor sides of healthcare. These include hospitals, group practices, managed care organizations, PBMs and alternate site facilities.

Prior to joining PBRA, Dr. Hoffman worked for other consultancies and as a Manager of Marketing Research for Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals. From 1989 through 1991 he was also a visiting professor of marketing at St. Joseph's University (Philadelphia).

Dr. Hoffman received his B.A. degree from the University of Michigan and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of California in political sociology.