PBRA Challenge & Solutions

The Challenge: Access is Everything

PBRA has addressed a range of critical issues that share one goal in common: ensuring product access
The delivery of quality healthcare for all Americans has become a national priority
- Medical practices are becoming more highly integrated
- Product access is more restricted
- Formularies and protocols “guiding” healthcare professionals
A brand may not necessarily be able to stand on its own
Payors and major providers seek an integrated, disease focused offering with better outcomes and lower costs

The Solution: PBRA Uncovers the Context

The perceptual and historical context, or framing, of a brand challenge is critical for successfully addressing any situation
- Historical and current context includes: disease treatments and goals, stakeholder and institutional dynamics, competitive activity
A clear understanding of the context surrounding the brand challenge is often missing from conventional business research
Clients may make critical decisions on strategy based on incomplete information or weakly supported assumptions
PBRA uncovers key insights, a major element of context, to better understand the needs and goals of customers, influencers and decision makers