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Infectious Diseases
Women's Health
Blood Products
Strategic analysis of Takeda’s NIDDM pipeline portfolio
Strategies and trial protocols of post-market outcomes studies for a GLP-1 analog
In-depth protocol assessments of two, Phase III DPP-IV inhibitors
Assessments of Phase III trials and launch strategies of a dual-PPAR and a pan-PPAR
Assessments of a glucokinase activator’s 11 Phase II trials
Reasons for its discontinuation, future plans
Development strategies at four Pharma companies involving RNAi as an antidiabetic mechanism
Analysis of the turf war between cardiologists and endocrinologists concerning the diabetes category
Strategic implications
Economic implications
New opportunities
Trial design implications
Use of the “wrong” surrogate markers?
Opportunities and challenges related to developing a consumer database marketing component of a diabetes franchise
Credibility and persuasiveness of the dual-PPAR core message
Perceived relevance of client’s satellite symposia at recent ADA meeting
Reasons for disdaining the cardio-metabolic syndrome concept
Level of early conceptual appeal of SGLT-2 inhibitors
Whether DPP-IV inhibitors represent a therapeutic advance or planned obsolescence
Responsiveness to new positioning and segmentation strategy for marketing GLP-1 analogs
More than 30 projects in blood glucose monitoring
Executive dossiers and management style profiles
Competitive technology assessments
Distribution studies
Strategic launch assessments
Regulatory affairs analyses
Threat identification, evaluation and counter-measure planning
Status of EU development on a hexavalent, meninge B vaccine
Assessment and timeline associated with initiating U.S. trials
Analysis of pricing disparities among physician supply houses for assessing new approaches to vaccine distribution
Evaluation of current generation efforts to develop AIDS vaccines
Advantages and disadvantages associated with developing a new vaccine dosed outside the current schedule of baby well-checks and vaccinations
Opportunities for utilizing local physician supply houses in an innovative manner related to vaccine orders placed through a manufacturer's web site
Assessment of methods for implementing and tracking vaccine utilization in correctional facilities
Evaluation of reasons for non-participation by selected hospitals in a vaccine-and-antibiotic bundling deal offered through a major GPO;
Benefits and risks associated with promoting an anti-rheumatoid DMARD product to PCPs
Assessment of provider approaches for obtaining third-party reimbursement on a rigorous physical therapy and dietary program to treat osteoarthritis
An assessment of selected methods for redirecting the current approaches of specified MCOs to limiting the usage of COX-2 inhibitors
Evaluations of an approach to mollifying concerns among rhematologists relative to TNF inhibitors that increase susceptibility to infection
Opportunities, barriers and pricing dilemmas associated with developing two retinoid products for acne
Potential of dermatologists augmenting sales of an oral contraceptive promoted for its ancillary skin benefits
Evaluation of consumer choice patterns in selecting either self-medication, a PCP or a dermatologist for mild-to-moderate acne
Evaluation of late-stage clinical trials for anti-arrythmic products
Development strategies among anti-platelet drugs
(Anti-diabetic products) Assessment of clinical trials and launch strategies for new, oral anti-diabetics: dual- and pan-PPARs, incretin mimetics, DPP-IV inhibitors
Costs and benefits associated with initiating Phase III trials on a thrombolytic
Credibility associated with using a moribund compound for treating atrial arrhythmias
Obstacles confronting the intravenous IIb/IIIa antagonists as anti-anginal agents
Opportunities and impediments to increasing the usage of IV corticosteroids by ER physicians following ischemic stroke
Obstacles to expanding the market for thrombolytics in ischemic stroke: an assessment of the political dynamics between neurologists and ER physicians
Opportunities, barriers and pricing dilemmas for a product capable of preventing both DVT and atrial fibrillation
An assessment of morale among investigators to a manufacturer's decision about embargoing trial results on an antihypertensive-CHF product
Attitudes among the major CV competitors relative to developing fixed-dose combinations of antihypertensives and other, non-diuretic compounds
An assessment of the clinical trials and launch strategy of a non-benzodiazepine anxiolytic
Opportunities and impediments associated with marketing SSRIs for social phobias in children
Opportunities for an anti-seizure product as an anti-depressant adjunct
Obstacles confronting the use of an anti-narcolepsy product as an anti-depressant adjunct
An ethnographic evaluation of sexual, cardiovascular and mood side effects among SSRI users
Assessment of EU and US market opportunities for a 5-HT2 receptor antagonist to treat generalized anxiety disorder
Opportunities and obstacles facing the development of antidepressants and antipsychotics that affect multiple neurotransmitters
The passing of "selectivity" as a differentiating advance among thought-leading psychopharmacologists
Infectious Disease
Assessments of current and pipeline products for treating hepatitis C
Analysis of a tendency among GI specialists, despite their denials, to warehouse hepatitis C patients until the launches of the pegylated versions
Opportunities among internists for displacing a leading, broad spectrum, oral antibiotic with a new, intravaginally administered product
Phase III trials assessment and launch strategy for an anti-sepsis product
The use of unobtrusive measures to assess what ID specialists and PCPs really think about minimal GI distress as a competitive feature in oral quinolones
Promoting an AIDS-wasting product to PCPs
An assessment among thought-leading GI specialists of treatment options for hepatitis C
An assessment of clinical trials and market potential for a potent anti-infective for treating vancomycin-resistant sepsis
An evaluation of key competitive issues in the hepatitis C market
Market opportunities for treating mild cognitive impairment with an existing CNS product
Willingness of neurologists in three countries to use an existing CNS product for Parkinson's if it can obtain a neuro-protective labeling
The market among neurologists for botulinum toxin as a migraine prophylactic
Assessment of current efforts toward developing products for treating primary progressive MS
Opportunities for using an anti-seizure product as a migraine therapy
How palliative is the current generation of Alzheimer's products: a qualitative assessment among 200 neurologists
Market potential of selected products in development for mild cognitive impairment
Market opportunities for treating early stage Alzheimer's with an existing CNS product
Cocktail approaches for anti-angiogenesis compounds favored by oncologists who prefer therapies not under protocol
Development status of viral vectors as oncology vaccines
Interest levels of oncologists toward a viral vector product approved with a time-to-progression endpoint instead of overall mortality
The market for promoting a SERM indicated to prevent osteoporosis as a product to reduce the chances of breast cancer
Analysis of the unique pre-launch versus post-launch marketing spend and programs in oncology compared to other therapeutic categories
An assessment of diverse approaches to managing the development and registration of signal inhibitors, anti-angiogenics and apoptosis inducers
Evaluation of formulary acceptability and obstacles to MCO reimbursement confronting a breath-actuated inhaler system
Evaluation of consumer pull-through benefits from promoting the IgE receptor blocking mechanism to allergic rhinitis patients
Awareness and early assessments of thought leaders regarding the development of selected compounds for bronchial asthma
Assessment of selected approaches for overcoming impediments to thrombolytic usage in COPD
Market impediments to monoclonal antibody therapies in moderate to severe asthma
Attitudes among thought leading, academic allergists regarding the use of low dose, mood altering (anxiolytic, antidepressant) products as adjuncts to early stage, allergy treatment
An analysis of disputed market assumptions concerning opportunities for newer COPD products
Women's Health
Obstacles to greater use of SERMs and bisphosphonates by internists for osteoporosis prevention and treatment
Potential of dermatologists augmenting sales of an oral contraceptive promoted for its ancillary skin benefits
ROI associated with promoting a SERM indicated for osteoporosis as a product to reduce the chances for getting breast cancer
Approaches to developing preferential loyalty to a manufacturer's oral contraceptives, HRT and other women's products by targeting female OB/GYNs
An ethnographic study to assess opportunities and risks associated with communicating a message to PCPs that cardiovascular disease among women constitutes a special sub-category
Revenue margins, strategies, success factors and current R&D directions in the oral contraceptive and hormone replacement therapy markets
Blood Products
Regulatory status of Company X's Alpha1-Proteinase inhibitor
Development status of competitors in the fibrin sealant category
Assessment of co-development opportunities in the Factor VIII and Factor IX categories
Analysis of transgenic development activities by Company Y